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Name: Rikku.
Canon: Final Fantasy X-2.
Original or Alternate Universe: Alternate Universe (Cape & Cowl).
Canon Point: Post-game.
Number: Randomize me.

Setting: Spira. And here is a map.
History: Final Fantasy X is a game set in the world of Spira, which is incredibly diverse in terms of basically everything except religion (because there’s only one). This becomes Very ImportantTM as time goes on. The game opens with Tidus, the Hero, who is shoving his way through screaming fangirls so he can get to his blitzball game—which is also Very ImportantTM, but for vastly different reasons. So he goes and plays the game (you lost) which is inevitably interrupted by a giant whale monster named Sin. Tidus is about to be basically eaten by Sin and his “friend” Auron lets it happen because ~*~*~it’s his story~*~*~ and shit.

Tidus wakes up in some ruins and promptly starts to swim around in them. He is attacked by a giant monster, which he runs away from and ends up in more ruins except he’s trapped inside them. He dicks around for like half an hour, trying to build a fire, and then another monster appears. He can’t fight it off, and has to be saved by these suave motherfuckers, who literally bust down the door. The girl is the one who actually helps him fight it, and then these people (who are Al Bhed speaking Al Bhed) immediately decide that maybe they should just kill him, and Tidus has no idea what the fuck is going on. The girl (who is Rikku) says no he could be useful—and gently punches him unconscious.

Tidus now wakes up on a huge ship in the middle of the ruins. Rikku (who speaks English/Spiran) tells him that if he wants to stay and eat, he has to work. So the two of them dive into the ocean because people in Spira can hold their breath for a ridiculously long time. They swim around, looking for machina (machines) and are, of course, attacked by a monster. They beat it, get back to the surface, and Rikku rewards Tidus with food. He tells her he’s from Zanarkand (which is a Major Plot PointTM), and she asks him if he hit his head. He whines that no, she hit him, so she backs off because she is not taking any of his shit. She also tells him not to tell anyone he’s from Zanarkand because surprise! it was destroyed a thousand years ago (foreshadowing). He freaks out a little, and she tells him that Luca is clearly where he needs to go because it’s where blitzball is played. Then Sin attacks the ship and Tidus is sucked back up into its whale body.

He is thrown to Besaid, a perfect tropical island paradise. He meets this guy, and just by looking at him you know he’s going to have an awful Jamaican accent. They dick around with blitzballs (heh) for a little while before Wakka (Jamaican guy) takes him into the town proper where Tidus is destined to meet the love of his life because it’s already been like two hours of gameplay and we know it isn’t Rikku. There’s an entire spiel about ~~summoners~~ and ~~trials~~ and Tidus heads into the temple to fuck everything up and meet his lady love. We also meet our black mage, Lulu, and our blue/red mage, Kimahri. They explain that Yuna (the lady-love) has to travel over Spira to gather Aeons (monsters) so she can defeat Sin (bigger monster). The clear answer is for Tidus to join them on their journey, the next stop on which is Kilika.

Sin attacks them on the boat ride over, but they manage to make it to port safely. Sadly, Kilika has been destroyed by Sin and this is when we get to first see the Sending, during which Yuna dances and sends all the spirits of the dead to the Farplane so they don’t turn into fiends. They head into the temple to pray and such, and Yuna gets a new aeon. They get on another boat to head to Luca, where there’s going to be a blitzball tournament. Almost as soon as they make port Tidus makes an ass of himself and everyone shuffles with embarrassment to the nearest inn—but not before we meet the creepiest motherfucker (heh) in the game. His name is Seymour and he absolutely refuses to die—I’m getting ahead of myself but I don’t fucking care.

Time for blitzball!! Except Yuna gets kidnapped, something that is a recurring theme in this game. So they hop on over to the Al Bhed boat to save her. Then the Aurochs (Besaid’s team) wins the game (which you lost again)! Except fiends attack and Auron shows up again to kick ass. He joins their journey, but not before telling Tidus that Sin is actually his dad what a plot twist. They make it to the Mi’ihen Highroad and mosey on up it toward the next temple, but run into Operation Mi’ihen which is bound to be a shitshow because Yevonites and Al Bhed working together??? As if.

Sin attacks and, predictably, everyone except main characters and people needed for expositional purposes dies. But hey, at least the make it to the temple and get another Aeon! Next stop: the Moonflow. They cross it on a shoopuf. Except the Al Bhed attack and Yuna gets fucking kidnapped again. Tidus & Wakka save her, and on the other side of the Moonflow, we meet Rikku again. Oh, do we meet her. Just keep in mind that she is apparently fifteen years old. Anyway.

She proceeds to rip Tidus a new one because he beat her up. Rude. But she’s introduced to the rest of the Guardians and is allowed to join the party as the new thief slash badass, even with a minor setback, because Wakka is a racist asshole. Yuna and Rikku are also actually cousins, which probably helps. We are now in Guadosalam, which is where the Guado, a.k.a. treepeople live. They are invited to Seymour’s pad, where he takes Yuna aside and asks her to marry him for ~plot reasons~. Nobody is okay with this, least of all Tidus. He is vehemently against his lady-love marrying a pedophile Seymour, okay. Rikku picks up on this and says that he’s obviously jealous because she is a flawless creature. But she also sees Yuna getting married as an out from the pilgrimage, and believes that this might actually be a good idea. They head up to the Farplane so Yuna can consider the proposal, but Rikku and Auron hang back; Auron because he “doesn’t belong there” and Rikku because “memories are nice, but that’s all they are.” The rest of the gang heads into the Farplane and sees dead people. Yuna then decides to marry Seymour, even after she finds out that he’s a crazy who murdered his dad.

Tidus takes this opportunity to talk to Rikku about ~love~ and she reveals that she super wants to get married and have a ton of kids because she only has one brother. But she literally jumps off the balcony so she can stop talking to him midway through this conversation because she can. She later catches up with him to finish the conversation though, saying that she thinks about love and getting married a lot, especially since it’s apparently common for people in Spira to marry young. Rikku you are fifteen, slow the fuck down. Anywho, everyone gets together and they all head into the Thunder Plains, where we find out Rikku is terrified of thunder. She whines and cowers but is eventually convinced to trek into and across the plains. We meet a few more Al Bhed in the inn on the way, but Rikku makes sure none of them call her out on being one of them because Wakka is still a dick.

The Macalania Forest is next! It’s super pretty. They stop at another inn on the way out of it and—another Al Bhed attack! Events get recycled quite often. So they have to fight off the huge machina and save Yuna, and it’s revealed to all that Rikku is an Al Bhed (and by “to all” I mean Wakka, since literally everyone else already fucking knows). Wakka throws a hissy fit even as Rikku totally gets some snowmobiles working so they don’t have to fucking walk the rest of the way. They reach the temple, enter the cloister, get the Aeon, and Seymour gets all evil. They fight him, and then fall through the lake(???). She has a heart-to-heart with Kimahri, who tells her that “Rikku should be Rikku,” which is adorable. They wander around down there for a bit and then there’s another intervention by Sin, which lands everyone in the middle of a desert, somehow.

Tidus meanders until he finds everyone, minus Yuna. Rikku tells them that, miraculously, she knows exactly where they are!! They’re on Bikanel Island, in the Sanubia Sands, which is actually where the Al Bhed’s Home is located. She leads them there, even though they’re ~outsiders~ and she isn’t supposed to, because she figures that that’s where Yuna has been taken. Sadly, as soon as they get there, they find that Home is besieged by fiends and Yeveonite soldiers, as ordered by Seymour (who is not dead). Rikku leads them into the bowels of Home to find and save Yuna, defeating fiends and passing by her dead kinsmen the whole way. But she leads them to the Summoner’s Sanctum, where there are a few other Summoners who were kidnapped as well, but no Yuna. This is when she finally reveals to Tidus that Summoners have to die in order to summon the Final Aeon and defeat Sin, and he has kind of a mental breakdown. They Send the Al Bhed who died protecting them, and then Rikku leads them to the safety of the airship, which was the big machina they were working on in the beginning of the game. Cid, her father and the leader of the Al Bhed, explain that they’re about to fly the fuck out of there and also blow up their Home. Her father and brother sing the Hymn of the Fayth as they prepare for the emotional wreckage that is to come. Rikku herself doesn’t let her pain show, except when she tells Wakka he’s a douchebag before just saying that she’s “fine.” She is clearly not fine. They proceed to fly around Spira, searching for Yuna.

They finally find her in Bevelle, Spira’s capital, about to marry Seymour (who is, at this point, an Unsent a.k.a. zombie ghost man). They definitely crash the fuck out of that wedding. Except then she married Seymour anyway and then... jumped off a building which I still don’t get. BUT THIS ISN’T AN APP FOR YUNA SO I’LL MOVE ON. Rikku throws a flash bomb and everyone escapes to the cloister, where Yuna already is, getting another Aeon. But everyone is recaptured again and is forced to stand trial where Yevon’s secrets get all exposed and shit. Surprise: half the maesters are actually Unsent. Rikku is the least surprised by this corruption, of course. They’re thrown in some kind of underground prison labyrinth and fight their way out. Seymour runs into them again and reveals that his ultimate plan is just to kill everyone ever because why not. They escape again and are back in Macalania, where Tidus and Yuna do their thing in the sphere pool (bow chica bow wow).

They finally slam their way through the Calm Lands, possibly picking up another Aeon. They fuck around with some chocobos on the way to Mt. Gagazet, where the Ronso live—Kimahri’s people. The Ronso are in kind of a tizzy about Kimahri’s broken horn, but eventually come to respect him and the rest of the group and let them up the mountain. They totally find Seymour again, who tells them he’s basically killed all the Ronso. They fight, he “dies,” everything repeats itself. Tidus finds out he’s actually a dream and not a real boy and that once they defeat Sin for good, he’ll disappear forever. Oops.

They fight their way through the mountain so they can get to Zanarkand, which is, of course, in ruins. They start into the ruins and keep seeing flashbacks of Auron’s old group, which was made up of him, Jecht (Tidus’ dad), and Braska (Yuna’s dad). There are tons of puzzles to solve until they get to where they’re going—to get the Final Aeon. They find the Unsent Lady Yunalesca, who was the first to defeat Sin. She explains that Sin will never actually go away and that Yuna must choose one of her Guardians to die and become her personal Fayth. We find out that Jecht did this for Braska, but Auron ended up dying anyway—yup, he’s been an Unsent this whole time, too. They fight Yunalesca and kick her ass. They leave the ruins and head back to where they fought Seymour on Gagazet, and run into some confused Yevonites. They try to find out who Yu Yevon is (the “god” apparently) and decide that clearly the only choice is to kill the god. Yes. They mosey back to Zanarkand to locate and kill him/it. They grab another Aeon or three on the way.

They finally go to take on Sin, but first they have to navigate a city on its back(?) until they can kill Aeons and it and defeat it for sure. Yevon ceases to exist. Tidus jumps off the airship and dies for real. Everyone is very sad but decides to move on.


I’m just going to let you watch the opening so you can have an idea of what this game is going to be like.



Final Fantasy X-2 is a game full of bad dialogue, lesbian undertones, ghost-driven robots, and inexplicable fashion choices. I am pretty sure this game was never meant to be a serious installment, and that is important to remember because otherwise you may want to die.

After the opening bit, Rikku and Paine (hot albino goth girl) beat the shit out of the Yuna impersonator whose real name is LeBlanc. Yuna swoops in to save the day from Logos and Ormi (Leblanc’s goons), and the group, henceforth referred to as YRP, board the new and improved airship, which Rikku and her brother (named Brother) built during the past two years. The paint job was Brother’s idea, I’m sure. So we find out what everyone has been up to for the past two years (except for Paine because she’s the token mysterious character, a.k.a. Auron and Lulu’s lovechild). Rikku has been going around Spira with other Al Bhed, teaching the people how to use machina, which is no longer banned. Yuna pretty much just ran away from Besaid without telling anyone and started taking fashion advice from Rikku which, let’s be honest, inevitably meant booty shorts. They are all members of the sphere-hunting group the Gullwings; sphere hunters do exactly that, by the way. They hunt for spheres that may or may not exist and, if they do exist, may or may not be relevant to Spira’s past. Yup.

So once they’re on the airship and are done fending off Rikku’s pervy brother who is incredibly in love with Yuna (his cousin???), they decide to head to Mt. Gagazet to search for a sphere. Yuna immediately almost falls off the goddamn mountain and the RP section of YRP has to save her sorry ass. They run into LeBlanc and race her up the mountain for the sphere—they win, of course. But they have to fight a giant crab monster to get the sphere—which they beat just fine. Too bad the sphere is shit. At least it can be used as a dressphere. Oh yeah! Dresspheres and Sphere Grids are the new battle tactic, which is basically just changing clothes mid-battle to gain different abilities. Feel free to enjoy them. Berserker is my favorite, for the record.

They head back to the airship and Brother tries to grope Yuna, so Rikku kicks him in the balls. She is a good sister.

Their next stop is Besaid so Yuna can be like “oh hey, sorry I ran off!!” to everyone. They run into Wakka who has knocked up Lulu and also made an honest woman out of her. Except Lulu does not look pregnant at all, way to go game designers. Wakka is having a mid-life crisis about being a dad since his parents died when he was a kid, and he almost gets himself killed looking for a sphere that, again, may or may not exist. Spoiler: it doesn’t. YRP saves his ass and then promptly leaves for Luca, where the game opened. We find out that while RP were chasing LeBlanc, Y was running around in a goddamn moogle suit. I was not kidding when I said this could not have been a serious game.

Next stop is the Mi’ihen Highroad!! Yuna reminisces at every turn, so I’m not going to get into it. But the spy Ormi and Logos sneaking around and follow them up to Mushroom Rock Road, where they discover the Den of Woe. This only becomes relevant later. Now we learn about the two (technically three) factions that have arisen thanks to Yevon falling: the Youth League, New Yevon, and the Machine Faction. The Youth League is run by the only non hottie in this gameNooj, New Yevon by hottie #1Baralai, and the Machine Faction by hottie #2Gippal. Throughout the whole game, the first two factions try to get Yuna (now High Summoner Yuna) to support them, but she refuses because that would be playing favorites and Yuna wants to help everyone equally. Gippal just gives no fucks what she does because he only has an eye for Rikku. They listen to propagandist spiels from Youth League members and then continue on to Djose, the headquarters of the Machine Faction where they get to meet Gippal. He and Rikku were clearly ~a thing~ at some point, and she is apparently embarrassed that he’s even around her. But don’t lie Rikku, we know you’re diggin’ the eye patch. They tease one another, he flirts with Yuna a little, and then lets them join his digging expedition in the Sanubia Sands because spheres. But first he tells Yuna that she is basically obsolete and the Spira really needs to get over her—he’s just being honest and it’s hot. I’m sorry. Moving on.

They head back down the Highroad and run into one of Tobli’s assistants, who they help out before making their way to Guadosalam (where they cannot enter the Farplane [foreshadowing]) and then to the Thunder Plains. We learn that Rikku overcame her fear of thunder by camping on the Plains for like two weeks, you go girl. They are kind of retracing the pilgrimage at this point. So of course, Macalania is next on the list, though sadly, the crystal forest has begun to fade because the Fayth, which kept it alive, are gone. Some strange musicians ask Yuna to try to save it and, of course, she says she’ll do her best. And remember how awful the Guado were in the last game? Yeah, they were kind of almost all hunted down and killed, and only a handful are left, including Seymour’s right hand man, who begs Yuna for forgiveness (which she predictably gives). They also run into O’aka, a merchant from the last game. He’s fallen into debt with some Al Bhed, and they agree to let him stay on the airship to hide out—he is an incredibly useful person.

So now since they’re allowed to dig, they get dropped off on Bikanel where they have to find Nhadala, the head of the expedition, to ask for permission for some reason. They dick around in the desert for a while, trying not to get dehydrated, and then Brother picks them up to fly them to Bevelle so they can find out the deal with New Yevon. The deal with New Yevon is that old people don’t want anything to change and this is way to relevant to current events for me to get into. They meet Baralai, who Yuna was apparently meant to marry at some point?? This is never accurately explained. But Rikku basically tells her cuz that yeah, you could’ve tapped that girl and you should have.

Next comes the Calm Lands, then Gagazet, followed by several other locations where there is little exposition and mostly just side quests.

Finally we get to Zanarkand, where Yuna remembers Tidus sadly and is kind of upset that Cid has turned it into an amusement park. Rikku tears him a new one for this and YRP leaves in a tizzy. Kilika is their next stop, which has started to grow over the past two years. It is practically a city now, which is a huge achievement in Spira. To get to the Awesome SphereTM that they’ve been told is in the temple, they have to navigate the jungle, which has been closed off by members of New Yevon. They have to try to figure out the proper password to actually get up to the temple, which ends up being “monkey,” as Rikku figures out with the most horrifying facial expression in this game—I’m not even going to link a picture, it is that bad. Anyway, they get the sphere and decide it’s pretty lame so they should clearly give it back—but to which side!! This decides whether or not you can get 100% completion, which is really fucking stupid. Anyway, this is such a hard decision that Yuna is convinced to put on a little concert on top of the ship so everybody can calm the fuck down. She throws a hissy fit though and goes to bed early, and has a creepy dream that has no context at all. Yet.

So giving the Awesome SphereTM to the Youth League leads to 100% completion—but also to New Yevonites hating you for the rest of the game. Oh well. So they deliver it to Nooj, but once they get back to the airship they find out they’ve been robbed by LeBlanc and her goons. So they decide to rob her back, but need uniforms in order to do so. So they go around Spira, stealing uniforms from her female goons until they have three. They do several other side-quests during this, including making tourists leave Zanarkand. Then it’s to Guadosalam to infiltrate Chateau LeBlanc and steal back their shit—but not before playing the most disturbing mini-game I have ever seen.

Anyway, after getting their shit back, they watch a sphere and see some real creepy shit. But they took too long and LeBlanc catches them—of course, they decide to team up and defeat the giant machina in the sphere, a machina named Vegnagun—which, they realize, is below Bevelle. So they head on over there and try to confront Baralai, who must have known about it, since it’s below his fucking city. New Yevon is not, of course, very welcoming, and YRP has to fight their way to the underground. They finally run into Baralai again, kick his ass, and then have to defeat the dark Aeon, Bahamut. Suddenly, Brother calls them back to the airship, where they find that Spira is suddenly being overrun by fiends. Clearly, they need to stop every single one of them!! They head to the Mi’ihen Highroad too, which is having a problem with malfunctioning machina (which, the way I play, is Rikku’s fault).

They stop by the Youth League headquarters and are sent away because their help is unnecessary; Gippal also sends them away. Rude. They mosey back to the Calm Lands where they find out some people have been trapped in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth—of course, YRP has to save them all! They also have to kill dark!Yojimbo, and then slam it over to Zanarkand to pick up more treasure and spheres, then head back to Bevelle because aren’t they supposed to be defeating a giant ghost-machina?? Not much has changed, and they get a distress call from Besaid anyway, so they go save everyone there and kill dark!Valefor. Next on the list is Kilika, where they kill dark!Ifrit. In case it wasn’t obvious, they have to defeat all the dark Aeons. Yuna tries to piece together everything that’s happening—the sudden influx of fiends and Vegnagun—but is interrupted by a distress signal from Djose. So guess where they go next?

The faction leaders are actually having a secret meeting, which the girls spy on to see what they can find out. It isn’t all that much, to be honest. Paine reveals that she actually already knows all of them because they were in the Crimson Squad together, a group that was put together before Sin had been defeated for good. She was their recorder and they were the actual team—they all tried to kill one another because the Den of Woe sort of drove them a little crazy.

Anywho, back to Djose. They defeat dark!Ixion, and Yuna falls into a hole in the ground which takes her to the Farplane somehow. She finally actually meets Shuyin, who keeps calling her Lenne. Once she escapes from him/wakes up, she runs into Gippal and Nooj who give her spheres for Paine. She ends up in Bevelle somehow, where the Gullwings scoop her up. After talking to stand-in faction leaders, the decision is made to have a concert in the Thunder Plains to unite Spira. This is a very coherent idea. The next bit of the game is spent spreading the word with the help of Tobli and his army of Hypello. Yuna and Rikku dance embarrassingly to practice for the concert.

Finally it’s time for the concert!!! It’s very emotional. Afterwards, the girls get a little exposition about Shuyin and Lenne and happen to see Nooj and Gippal on their way to the Farplane, and decide to follow them. They don’t really get anywhere with this though and head back to the airship.


They head back to Macalania Woods, which is pretty much gone, and Yuna heads back to the spring where she and Tidus got bizzay in FFX. YRP then finds out that the Al Bhed at the digging encampment are in trouble, and head over to save their asses. You know, for being told that she’s unnecessary to the safety of the people of Spira, Yuna seems to be pretty necessary to the safety of the people of Spira.

By this time, they’ve gathered all the spheres to open the Den of Woe and head inside, where all of them are promptly assaulted by awful memories/possessed by Shuyin and start attacking one another. It’s kind of traumatizing. They end up fighting and finally defeating Baralai/Gippal/Nooj for good, freeing them from Shuyin’s possession and influence. They head on over to the Farplane and defeat the dark!Magus Sisters and dark!Anima. They have to solve some puzzles to get to Shuyin, which they do and finally, finally make it to Vegnagun. This is probably the only boss in the X-series that actually only needs to be defeated once. They kill it and Yuna tries to let Shuyin know that Lenne still loves him—and fails miserably. YRP has to fight Shuyin himself, who they defeat. Lenne somehow shows up and they go off together into the Farplane. Bahamut’s Fayth appears to Yuna (even though the Fayth are supposed to be gone...), and she says she’d like to see Tidus again. Cut to how-ever many days in the future, where the factions have united and Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai are addressing all of Spira, talking about unity and such. YRP, being the classy ladies they are, totally skip that shit. Anywho, if you get 100% completion, Yuna does, in fact, get to see Tidus at the end of the game and they presumably live happily ever after. Otherwise, she remains forever alone. THE END.

Personality: Rikku’s loyalty has been, and always will be, to her family first. Growing up in the confines of Home, she spent the majority of her time with her father and brother, learning from and with them about machina. This is the environment in which she learned about her cousin, Yuna, and she clearly grew to love her even after probably only meeting her a few times as a child. This strong family environment is what drove Rikku to find Yuna in the middle of her pilgrimage. And, you know, try to kidnap her, but it was for her own good! Rikku hates seeing others get hurt; she would rather hold her cousin against her will than allow her to die. This is extreme, yes, but Rikku’s love for her family is deep-set and central to her personality. She spends the entire pilgrimage scheming how to either save Yuna’s life or convince her to give up her journey across Spira. But after the first attempt at the Moonflow, Rikku herself abstains from physically attempting to keep Yuna from her pilgrimage, instead trying to talk her cousin out of it time and again. Even Cid welcomes the pilgrimage group aboard the Fahrenheit, transporting them around Spira so that Yuna can finish her pilgrimage and defeat Seymour more quickly. And in X-2, Rikku gladly welcomes Yuna to the ranks of the Gullwings, sure to stay close to her cousin in order to keep an eye on her—but also make sure she has fun after the hardship of losing Tidus two years prior. She keeps her best friends just as close as her family, and is willing to do almost anything to help them out if they need it. She does, of course, have a spat with her father in X-2 about the tours around Zanarkand, but that was because it hurt Yuna so deeply, and the two eventually do reconcile with one another.

She is also hopeful nearly to a fault. When Home is destroyed, she explains how her father, Cid, had dreamt that the Al Bhed could all live together in one place again after their first Home was destroyed, and she had shared that dream. She just wants them all to be one, big, happy family again, and is that too much to ask? She believes that she and Tidus can find a way to keep Yuna from dying, even as she continues on her trek for the Final Aeon. She never stops believing that Vegnagun can be destroyed, as long as YRP and Spira stick together. Her optimism is what makes her a valuable member of the Guardians in X (she decides to be “the merriest”), and what acts as a foil to Paine’s pragmatic nature in X-2. But that isn’t to say she doesn’t provide the occasional reality check to those around her. In X, Rikku is the one who finally reveals to Tidus that Summoners die at the end of their pilgrimage; in X-2, she’s the one who reminds the Gullwings that even though Vegnagun is their priority, that doesn’t mean they can ignore the rest of Spira, which is “a total mess.” As much as she wants to have fun and go on awesome adventures, she does do her best to keep everyone on the right track and headed towards their ultimate goals.

Judging from her ability to “Mix” in X and the fact that she helped Brother rebuild the Celsius before X-2, Rikku’s mechanical/chemical intelligence is no laughing matter. She can build something out of nothing, and whip up a mean bomb in just a few moments. But, of course, she’s happy-go-lucky and just a fun person to be around. She quips and jokes, and almost always smiles. She wants to have fun, she wants to act like the teenager she is. And while the pilgrimage didn’t really offer much time to do that, the two years between the beginning of the Eternal Calm and the threat of Vegnagun allowed her to go out and do those things. She traveled Spira, teaching its people about machina, grew her hair out, radically changed her wardrobe, and just rolled with it. She becomes even more outgoing, more willing to speak her mind, and grows an ego that can only be kept in check by Paine. She waggles her hands more, dances a bit, and throws herself into conversation with complete strangers. While she becomes slightly less childish during the two-year gap, the age of seventeen brought with it a mischievous streak. Rikku isn’t afraid to get into trouble, or push the boundaries of the law (which should be obvious since her primary profession is thieving). Overall, however, Rikku is a good person who will almost definitely put someone else’s needs and safety before her own.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations:
Thievery: Rikku is a master thief. She’s been trained as such since a young age. While she seems pretty clumsy on her feet at times, when she sets her mind to stealing something, you can bet she'll get it..
Engineer: Born and raised Al Bhed, she has a natural talent for working with and building machines out of next to nothing. She is also quite the chemist, and excellent at creating explosives.
Rikku is a very... trusting individual. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. This can make her a little naïve sometimes. She’s also a pretty small gal, and physical fights aren’t her forte; she’s more likely to do a quick hit-and-run as opposed to a long battle, especially if she isn’t using her Grid. When it comes to fight or flight, she’d likely choose the latter, unless she had a very good reason.
She also has a latent fear of thunder and lightning, though by the time we get to FFX-2, the phobia seems to have been resolved.
Her one greatest fear is that of being alone.

-Rikku will be bringing the (broken) Horn of Plenty Garment Grid with her. Already in the Grid will be:
The Gunner dress sphere.
The Songstress dress sphere.
The White Mage dresspheres.
(Since Rikku's default outfit is her Thief dressphere, I have not included it on this list.)
-Her Thief outfit, daggers included.
-One lock picking kit.
-One grenade that has apparently been immersed in water, as the powder is wet.

Appearance: Rikku’s hair is much longer than it was in Final Fantasy X; it looks like the end would be somewhere around her lower back, maybe even her upper thighs. Most of her hair is pulled up into a ponytail at the top of her head, and some of it is taken into little sections and braided with multicolored beads throughout. Her bangs are a bit shorter than in the first game; they’re now cut about an inch above her eyes. Her hair is kept out of her face by a large blue bandana, and she wears the orange-yellow feathers, which she once wore in her hair, as earrings. She has a narrower face and more arched brows than in the first game, giving her a more mature look.

Rikku has an extra-long scarf along her neck; it’s mostly red, but it fades to orange and then yellow near the ends. She wears yellow bikini bottoms with a olive-green mini skirt over them. The skirt has a yellow belt around it to support two bags, which she uses to hold items like potions and grenades. Each bag has two orange strings hanging from the top center piece. Her arms are covered by off-white arm-warmers that start right below her shoulder; the material has been cut and then tied into a series of bows that lead from shoulder to wrist. She has brown, fingerless gloves on her hands and ankle-high boots on her feet that flare out slightly at the top and have a small, yellow bow on the back of each. The top portion of the boot is navy-blue, and the bottom half is a light shade of beige.

She has lightly tanned skin, some of which is almost always visible on her torso and legs. Also, because of her Al Bhed heritage, she has blonde hair and green eyes with a swirled pupil.
Age: 17 (20).

AU Clarification: December of 2009 was when Rikku was apped into Cape & Cowl, and found herself in the City. Dropped in a replica of New York City, she was pretty out of her element, what with never having seen modern technology or buildings. But she adapted pretty quickly, taking it in stride. Her powers were the ability to transform into her dresspheres at will, though only for a limited amount of time. Each dressphere had also been powered down, so to speak, and she was lacking many of her battle skills. But, not one to let the little things get her down, Rikku settled in the MAC and enjoyed herself for about a week. Then someone was publicly murdered on the network, and she decided to take some odd jobs because making money honestly is sometimes faster than stealing it.

Soon enough, she experienced her first Christmas, which she didn't celebrate because Christmas doesn't exist in Spira. Roughly a month after arriving and making some new friends, she discovered her powers. This led her to decide she wanted to be a real superhero, and she fashioned herself a costume. Thus began her on-and-off career as one of the City's most colorful superheroes.

In February 2010, she called up Tony Stark and got a job at StarkTech because he thought she sounded pretty hot. It was a sad day for him when he realized she was not eighteen, but he hired her anyway. From then until present day, she has worked in the engineering/chemistry department of StarkTech and sometimes changes all the backgrounds of the StarkTech computers to pictures of average-looking men because it annoys Tony.

Shortly thereafter, a sort of "fairy tale sickness" hit the City, and Rikku was knocked unconscious by pricking her finger on a magical pinwheel, a la Sleeping Beauty. Santo Vaccarro (a.k.a. Rockslide from the X-Men comics) was the unfortunate soul to wake her from her sleep with a kiss. Both were embarrassed, but remained friends. A few days after she awoke, the Institute (a school for import kids and teens run mostly by X-Men) was attacked by Emplate (also of Marvel fame). She offered healing services, thanks to her White Mage dressphere.

At the beginning of March, Rikku was temporarily replaced with her fifteen-year-old self, and ran amok in the City for a short while. This included stealing shiny things from everybody she ran into. There was a brief zombie apocalypse in the middle of the month, and it was totally gross. Operation Moondong, which is pretty much what it sounds like, was a success. Booga and Tank Girl, two of Rikku's good friends, were the masterminds. She has never been so proud and weirded out at the same time. At the end of the month, Tony Stark's attempts to build a second porter were foiled when it literally exploded in his face, thanks to the original Porter. It was very sad. Tony's a pretty cool dude.

April was a great and awful month for Rikku. She and Santo started dating (after she rejected his affections the first time, fondly known between Franky and I as Rikkujection 2010), but Washington D.C. was attacked by a group of supervillains during Operation Gotterdammerung. A nuke was detonated on the National Mall, and the body count was too much for her to process on her own. War does funny things to people. She retreated from her apartment to stay at the Institute for a while with Santo. Sadly, a few weeks later he was ported out for the first of many times. Luckily, he returned a few days later and he and Rikki Barnes created their own superhero team comprised of awesome teenagers. Of course, Rikku joined.

At the end of May, Rikku took part in a mission to help stop the HIVE, a group in Los Angeles that had blacked out the City in an attempt to steal information about the Porter. In the course of this mission, Rikku was captured, unsuccessfully interrogated, and then brutally killed by Trowa Barton, who was acting as a spy for his own import group. The result of the mission was the loss of countless lives due to the leveling of the entirety Los Angeles. But they were granted "citizenship" as a reward for their help with infiltration and evacuation.

June was spent trying to adjust to the feeling of death. Santo attempted to cheer her up by taking her to a club, where she drank something spiked with way too much alcohol. Her hangover the next morning led him to ask the network if she could be pregnant, which led to some of the most awkward conversations ever.

She turned eighteen. Santo went back to school; Rikku decided not to. Life went on, with a few mishaps here and there. She built a scale model of her beloved Celsius, and is still working on putting together a full sized one today. November led to another one of Santo's several departures. By then, they had made a pact that if one of them left for an extended period of time, they wouldn't wait for the other to return. Luckily, he did! At the beginning of January 2011, the nerds attacked people began to be more open about recognizing fictional characters on the street, going so far as to approach them and start telling them about their lives. It was very uncomfortable.

In March, part of the City was turned into an exact replica of 1895 London. Rikku was caught in the illusion, and was livid to suddenly be wearing a dress with a skirt down to her ankles. What awful fashion. Rikku was ported out at the beginning of April and ported right back in because I was a massive failure with activity. Once again, May of 2011 saw Rikku aged down to fifteen. This is a running gag that only Santo gets sick of. Shortly after she turned back to normal, anti-import riots broke out all over the City. Rikku's garage was mostly destroyed despite her best efforts to protect it. She has never quite recovered from the injustice of someone knocking over a can of oil in the middle of her workshop.

She turned nineteen years old, as did Santo a little over a month later. Ten imports were kidnapped during July, their powers stolen and replicated to create MAJESTY, a new group of government-owned and controlled superheroes. Vulcanus was the company/group in charge of maintaining MAJESTY. However, Vulcanus is obviously the bad guy here (just look at their name), and imports raid their facility in Greenland to shut down their operation. Vulcanus' original plan was to be able to create "metamen," and give superpowers to everyone in the world. But their science was flawed, and many of the MAJESTY members eventually died from the deterioration of their powers and bodies. Rikku decided not to get directly involved in anything to do with Vulcanus, thanks to her previous encounter with the HIVE. She wanted to play it safe, for both her and Santo.

November found Rikku blowing up plenty of things in her lab, along with the Scarecrow (from DC comics) releasing fear gas during the Macy's Day Parade. Many in attendance were stricken with incalculable fear and began rioting. Rikku and Santo both attempted to help control civilians. At the beginning of December, Santo was possessed and wreaked havok on the City until Rikku was able to stop him. By the time she got to him, he told her that he sort of had a girlfriend back in his own world, and she was livid for him no telling her. They temporarily broke up until he actually apologized and explained himself.

In February, Rikku found out that one of her best friends, Jessica Wakefield, was dating Jason Todd who may or may not have been an alien with tentacles. That is one of my favorite posts ever and so I am linking it because the phrase "tentacle boner" appears in it at least once. This all occurred because February was also the month that a skrull was found in the City, posing as a scientist who once worked for Vulcanus. This started a massive panic in the City for imports, who suddenly thought all of their friends were skrulls--and some of them were right. Several imports had been kidnapped and replaced with skrulls months earlier, and had been impersonated by them to gather information. The kidnapped imports are rescued and the impersonating skrulls are all killed. Rikku aids in rescue and healing attempts after a subway was blown up as a distraction by skrull infiltrators.

March was spent calming down. Along with her good friend Max Gibson, Rikku leveled an abandoned building as a form of stress-relief. It was totally awesome. In May, Rikku brought home a baby kinkajou because those things are fucking adorable and she really wanted a pet. Santo hates when Brad climbs all over him and nests on top of his head, but there's nothing to be done for it. In July, her birthday passed once more and she partied a little too hard, as is expected of someone who is no longer a teenager. She also helped beat down vampires and other such monsters that ran rampant in the City thanks to a battle between The Major (a la Hellsing) and Dr. Einsturzen (from DOGS). In August, the ImBargo Act passed, barring imports from several countries worldwide. This was the beginning of declining sentiments towards the import population, which has so far included verbal harassment, refusal of service, and outright violence in the streets of the City. Vulcanus also rose once more, bombing four City buses that the Porter attempted to save--but miserably failed. Since, Vulcanus has been a standing threat to the import community.

Rikku is once again ported out at the beginning of October, but returns a month later (hiatus!!). December rolled around, marking Rikku's third year in the City (she didn't count those times she was ported out because reasons). An official import celebration was hosted in Venezuela, but was actually a Vulcanus plot to no one's actual surprise. Many imports suffered power malfunctions and actual psychosis. February saw Max Gibson ported out, which left Rikku so incredibly upset. She still hasn't quite recovered from losing her friend. In April, the Porter started to malfunction, sending imports to other dimensions--first, Metricog, a steampunk-esque world, and next TíraFórsae, a world made almost entirely of water. Rikku was sent to both of these worlds, and thought it was literally the coolest thing to happen to her since she arrived in the City. At the beginning of May, Santo was once again ported out, and has yet to return. Rikku has thrown herself into her work, but has kept true to her promise to Santo--she isn't going to wait around if it doesn't seem like he'll come back for her.

Rikku has treated her time in the City as a learning experience, to put it simply. She knows first-hand that if she goes home, she won't remember what happened to her in the City, so she wants to enjoy it while she can. At the same time, she has experienced a great amount of hurt while living in the City and some days she wishes she'd never been taken there. She's lost people she loved, she's died, she misses her friend and family. During the entirety of her stay in the City, not one other person from her world has appeared. She has been a lone canon Spiran warrior for over three years. While Rikku is a very optimistic person, she is starting to lose hope that she'll ever see her friends from home again. She'll never mention this, of course, but it still puts a knot in her stomach when she thinks about it. Overall, the City has helped her mature. She still likes to run around and have fun, but she's more used to adding a healthy dose of caution to most things she does now. She doesn't plan on dying again anytime soon, after all.

Log Sample:
Rikku puffed out one cheek in semi-annoyance as she grabbed a wrench from where it lay beside her and used it to flick a blonde braid from her face, effectively leaving a smudge of grease on said puffed-out cheek. She dropped a screwdriver in the tool’s place, the clang of metal hitting concrete echoing around the garage, momentarily drowning out the station that she’d tuned the radio to. Listening to music was one of the few forms of entertainment that she indulged herself in, so she liked just about every genre. Today’s pick was just some slow ballad-thing that she had never heard before, but she really couldn’t enjoy the song thanks to the humongous hover she was currently fixing—or, as she liked to call it in her mind, “the bucket of twisted scrap that inflicted pain simply by existing.”

Grumbling a few well-chosen Al Bhed curses, the blonde girl recalled exactlyhow early she’d gotten the call on this job (6:18 A.M.—she’d grabbed the first pair of shorts and tank top she could get her hands on), exactly what she’d had for breakfast (a generous helping of absolutely nothing), and exactly how much she was being paid to do this (she’d hardly be able to afford the parts to fix this thing). Not only was she a little tired and very hungry, but she was also broke, and therefore couldn’t buy any food to halfway fill her empty stomach. So here she was, flat on her back underneath a gargantuan excuse for a machina, just like she had been for the past four or five hours.

And to top it all off, she had guests that would be arriving soon. Lackeys, actually, whom she had hired for the day in order to get some of the larger generators and the like out of the hangar and into the open air for a change. They were pretty grody, and she didn’t feel like falling down again and having to explain to some random woman on the street why she needed her help bandaging her arm or putting a band aid on her back. Doctors and Rikku had never really gotten along, needless to say. Most of the machina was waterproof anyways, so she wouldn’t have to worry about electrocuting anybody. Hopefully.

Sighing with a more-than-slightly melodramatic flair, she let her arms slump to rest against the cold floor, the contact sending goose bumps up her skin. The thief bent her knees, knocking them together in time with the music, which she forced herself to listen to; a man was currently singing something in an amazingly low voice, the likes of which she didn’t think could have existed. She couldn’t help but give a wry smile as she rested the wrench on her abdomen and stretched her arm to the side, groping around for her toolbox. It was out of reach of her yellow-polished fingers by about a foot, and her arm moved in great arcs as she tried to grab it, muttering quietly when she didn’t grasp it immediately. “L'suh, pypo, tuh'd tu drec du sysy... L'sana!”

Comms Sample:
[this is not a happy rikku. she is standing in a hallway on some random floor, frowning a little, her nose all scrunched up. she's wearing her thief outfit, though her hair is down and damp, still wavy. at least all the blue goo is gone.]

So what is this? Some creepy cousin of the Porter? Because in my experience--well, Tony's I guess, but close enough--building a porter-buddy will literally blow up in your face. And let me tell you, the last time I was dragged into another dimension, there sure wasn't any shoopuf snot involved.

[she pauses. the corner of her eye twitches.]

And also you could, you know, go outside and there was oxygen. There wasn't the freaking vastness of space to deal with!

[rikku takes a deep breath, and closes her spiraled eyes. she mutters to herself.]

Right, okay, calm down Rikku. You've got a rad tattoo on your arm, you were just covered in space goop, and you haven't seen anyone you know. You got this. You've got your grid. Just. Be cool.

[she speaks to the comm again.]

Okay, look. I'm not gonna pull the "how do I get home" because I figure that isn't how this place rolls either. As cool as that would be, it probably won't do me any good. Instead, I'm gonna ask for the basics. Anything not on that info post would be awesome to know, alright?

[that all out of the way, rikku smiles, dimples and all.]

So, space, huh? [she reaches out to knock her knuckles against the nearest wall.] Anybody know how this old hunk runs? I'm curious, and if nobody tells me, I might have to find out on my own.