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exsilium application

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Character NAME: Scathach.
Canon & MEDIUM: The Alchemyst book series.
Canon PULL-POINT: Right after watching the fourth moon rise in The Necromancer.
Character AGE: Well, you see. Scathach says she is 2517 years old as humans measure by their current calendar. Her twin sister, however, makes it known that they are actually over ten thousand years old, something Scathach’s introspection confirms later in the series. She’s just really sensitive about being old okay.
Character ABILITIES: Scathach is a vampire, which means she possesses enhanced strength, speed, durability, and longevity. She is also immortal—but not invulnerable, as she mentions time and again. She does not suck blood however; instead, she sucks emotions. She feeds on a person’s aura (life force). In her world, each sentient being possesses one. If this is something that can be carried over into this world, that'd be great! If not, she'll still eat emotions, just without the flashy light show that is a person's aura.
Character HISTORY:
Here are links to the wiki articles of the books:
The Alchemyst
The Magician
The Sorceress
The Necromancer
And I've also typed up the history for you:

Scatty was born to a set of red-haired, immortal parents a few thousand years ago. She has an older brother (whose name we never learn), and a twin sister named Aoife, whom she hates. Because Scathach and Aoife were born after the fall of Danu Talis (rather, Atlantis), they were "different" somehow. Wild magic turned new Elders (or Next Generation) into new creatures--some were unable to feel, like Scathach's Clan, and others were just plain monsters. Scathach and Aoife were trained from a very young age in the art of fighting, and both went on to open their own schools; Scathach’s was located on the Isle of Skye just off the coast of the United Kingdom. She took in and trained a man named Cuchulain, and fell deeply in love with him. However, her sister also loved him, and the two fought one another while he was away at war. This resulted in his death, and Scathach has never forgiven her sister for the tragedy, believing it to be her fault.

During the 15th century, Scathach befriended a young woman named Jeanne d’Arc—or Joan of Arc. After Joan was captured and set for execution, Scathach rode alone into Rouen to rescue her friend, leaving the battered English army and their hired mercenaries in her wake. Joan was shot in the shoulder, and after losing much blood, Scathach’s friend Nicholas Flamel performed the first blood transfusion—he gave the Warrior Maid’s blood to the Maid of Orleans, thus making Joan immortal and cementing a friendship between the two women that would last for over five hundred years.

Closer to the events of the books (probably in the late 1990s or very early 2000s), Scathach is visited by an immortal human named Billy the Kid. He is there to give her a pithos (or a big jar with evil things locked inside), but she is on her way out the door. She has received a literal distress call from someone she thought long-dead, and she intends to rescue him. The only problem is that she is in Chinatown in San Francisco, and she needs to get to Las Vegas. Because she has never learned to drive, she basically forces Billy the Kid to drive her all the way to Vegas so she can rescue her “friend.” They beat up tons of cucubuths (or vampyres, with a “y”), and Scathach climbs up the side of a fifty story building to find the person she had come to save—her not-dead lover, Cuchulain. But he has taken on his old name of Setanta, and plans to kill her for letting him go to war alone. He explains that he had almost died, but was found by an evil Elder, who granted him immortality in return for eternal servitude. Setanta tells Scathach of all the horrible things he’s done since then, and how he blames her for each and every one of them. Once she realizes that he’s gone insane, Scathach quickly kills him—apparently finally putting to rest her unresolved feelings for him. She takes the pithos—which turns out to be Pandora’s Box—and releases all the contained evils into the Shadowrealm of the Elder who had enslaved Cuchulain.

At the beginning of The Alchemyst (31 May, 2007), the Flamels and Scathach have not spoken in a few decades. The redhead was living a life of solitude in San Francisco’s Chinatown, staying mostly in and around her dojo, rarely taking in new students. She had taken part in almost every war in recorded history. Most recently, during World War I, she was stationed as a nurse in Ypres; during World War II, she played the part of a man and fought against the Nazis at Stalingrad. Since then, she had been lying low, waiting for her talents to be needed once again.

When the twins, Sophie and Josh, arrive at her dojo with Nicholas, Scatty was none too pleased to see them. She actually refused to even look at them until she heard that the twins had pure auras and that the Book of Abraham—the volume with the secret to immortality within its pages—had been stolen by Dr. John Dee. Josh had torn out two pages that contained the Final Summoning, so luckily, the Dark Elders could not be brought to the humani plane. Once Scathach realized this, she immediately took Nicholas and the twins under her wing and decided to travel with them.

Their first stop was to see Hekate, one of the few Elders still neutral in the conflict between the humani and the Dark Elders. She lived in a Shadowrealm, a dimension close to the humani one and yet separate. Hekate’s home was the Yggdrasill, the World Tree. She was reluctant to Awaken the twins’ powers, but realized that she really had no choice, else balance in the humani realm would be lost. And so she began the ritual, against Scatty’s wishes; the redhead didn’t think the twins were ready yet, but Flamel insisted that there was no time to waste. Sophie’s aura was Awakened, unleashing her potential as a mage. However, the group was interrupted by Dee before Josh could be Awakened, and so he was left completely human while Sophie was something more. Dee was in possession of the Sword of Ice, Excalibur, and destroyed Yggdrasill with it, leaving Hekate weakened, but not so weak that she couldn’t distract Dee as the group escaped. He then killed the old Elder and, in turn, her Shadowrealm and at least three surrounding it.

They then visited the Witch of Endor, Scatty’s grandmother. The Witch was a master of the element of wind, and agreed to teach Sophie all she knew—to do this, she gave the young girl all of her memories, leaving Sophie temporarily incapacitated. Dee caught up with them, and using his powers as a magician, he raised all the dead from nearby cemeteries and ordered them to attack the twins. Scathach was grateful for the chance to “stretch her legs,” and immediately began plowing through the undead, allowing the others time to come up with a plan. Nicholas, the twins, and Scatty quickly escape to Paris through a Leyline, a portal that goes all around the world, and the Witch’s shop was blown up as she created a distraction. Only two days had passed so far.

The next book, The Magician, starts when Nicholas, the twins, and Scathach arrive in the middle of a church, where the Leyline lets off. Niccolò Machiavelli, the head of the Parisian Secret Service and also a Dark Elder slave, was their welcome. He had already surrounded the church, and ordered them to give themselves up. Sophie used her newly-acquired power over wind to create a thick fog, allowing everyone to escape. The group quickly headed out to find one of Flamel’s old students, le Comte de Saint-Germain, who offered them shelter. Saint-Germain, also known as Francis, led them to one of his several safe-houses right in the middle of Paris. However, unbeknownst to any of them, the house was already under surveillance by Machiavelli’s men.

Scatty is ecstatic to learn that Saint-Germain married one of her good friends, Joan of Arc. Not having spoken to her lifelong friend in a few decades, Scathach was relieved to learn that she was alive. Meanwhile, Nicholas left to visit some of his old haunts and returns with the fire sword, Clarent, Excalibur’s twin, which he gave to Josh since the young boy has no other way to defend himself. Soon enough, Machiavelli and Dee find them again and send three Valkyries, also known as the Disir, to deal with them. Since the Valkyries have a personal grudge against the Shadow, they unleash their ultimate creature-weapon, Nidhogg, in order to devour Scatty’s memories. It managed to incapacitate and grab her, but Josh stabs it with Clarent, weakening it for a time by turning its tail to stone. Meanwhile, as the creature lumbers off with Scatty and two of the three Disir are defeated, Machiavelli gave his bodyguard, Dagon, permission to track them and, if Nidhogg fails to kill the Shadow, to kill her instead.

Josh chased after the creature, hell bent on saving Scatty’s life, and everyone—including Machiavelli and Dee—follow close behind. However, the two evil immortals arrive first and, when Josh sees them and listens to their stories about how Scathach is a thug and Nicholas a liar, he leaves with them of his own free will, though none of the others can quite figure out why. Nicholas managed to cut off Nidhogg’s arm and grab the Warrior right before the creature plunged into the nearby river. Scathach regained her senses but, in a flash, Dagon leapt from beneath the dock and dragged her under the water. They disappear, and since Scatty has not resurfaced after ten or so minutes, Nicholas and the twins leave to continue in their pursuit of Josh, sure that the King Maker is dead.

However, Scathach never goes down without a fight and, since she doesn’t need to breathe anyways, she slayed Dagon and swims to shore.

At the beginning of the third book The Sorceress, Nicholas and the twins headed to England, hoping to confuse Dee. They found refuge with Palamedes, the Saracen Knight and William Shakespeare in an abandoned junkyard. The junkyard happened to a well-fortified castle. Back in Paris, Dee was in the catacombs beneath the streets, attempting to free the god Mars from imprisonment so that he can help find the twins.

Perenelle managed to contact Nicholas and the twins via scrying, and told her husband to take them to Gilgamesh the King, the oldest immortal humani. He could teach them the magic of water, one of the four elements they need to master: Sophie had mastered Air and Fire, but Josh had not learned any elements. Nicholas loses control when he sees Perenelle attacked, and the junkyard castle falls under attack. An Archon named Cerunnos, a being older than the Elders, tries to destroy the castle. Perenelle survives her attack and manages to contact Scathach, who is still in Paris. Just before Perenelle’s scrying spell ends, Scatty tells her that she and Joan are going to Alcatraz to rescue her.

Scathach and Joan headed to the very heart of Paris to a Ley Line called “Point Zero.” While it should have taken them to Mount Tam in San Francisco, instead they end up in the Pleistocene Epoch thanks to Machiavelli’s meddling. Or so they think.

Now, the fourth book, The Necromancer. The twins and Nicholas (in the right era) have gone back to San Francisco to check up with their Aunt Agnes, whom they were supposed to be staying with while on vacation. They found Scathach’s twin sister, Aoife, there. Aoife explained that she and Scathach had a “falling-out” over a boy and that they have not spoken in a long time (about seven thousand years). Aoife told the twins that she went searching for her sister because she felt her “go” from the earthen Shadowrealm. Aoife basically kidnapped Sophie while Josh was inside the house calling their parents. Josh races after them.

Joan and Scathach get attacked by a pride of saber-toothed tigers. After Scatty beats up a few, Joan convinces her that running would be a better idea. Meanwhile, the Flamels and the twins located Aoife and explained the events of the past few days to her. She resolved to find Scathach, and the Flamels decided that it is time for Josh to learn the magic of Fire. They began the journey to find Prometheus, the master of Fire. Aoife revealed that she and Scathach are actually ten thousand years old, and that Scathach “is a terrible liar” but does it all the time.

Scathach was guarding Joan as she slept, keeping watch for any creatures that might attack in the night. She thought about her parents, her sister, and the possibility of death. She had been told that she would die in “an exotic place,” and decides that “it didn’t get more exotic than the Pleistocene era.” She was watching the sky when she noticed that a second—and third and fourth—moon was rising. Clearly this was not actually almost a million years ago, but a Shadowrealm. What good news! Except before she has a chance to tell her friend, she’s brought to Exsilium.

Scatty is, in a word, proud. Her grandmother is the Witch of Endor, who has never seen her to be good enough at anything, and her family cast her out when she was only a few centuries old. They have never truly forgiven her for deciding to help the humani, and are disappointed in how she turned out. This drives the redhead to continually try to prove herself, but she has very few people—mortal or otherwise—left to impress. Scathach has very few memories of her father, but remembers her mother quite well. She wishes they would take her back into the family, but has more or less accepted that that may never happen. She also has an older brother and a twin sister named Aoife.

Ah, Aoife. Even though she and Scathach look exactly alike, Aoife has always been more beautiful somehow, and that is something which Scatty has always been well-aware of. She resents her sister, not only because she is inexplicably more attractive, but because she’s also a better fighter. Not by much, but just enough to make Scathach hate her even more. Apparently, Aoife is also a better lover. When they were younger, both of them loved the same humani man; however, after training with Scathach for a year, he left her for Aoife. Later, he went to war while the siblings were fighting amongst themselves. Since the sisters weren’t there to help him, he died. Scathach can never forgive her sister—or herself—for his death. She is especially jealous of Aoife because she managed to find another lover, Niten, while Scathach herself has remained alone since Cuchulain’s death.

Even though she has been around for roughly ten thousand years, she is still considered a child by most other Immortals. Her youth makes her almost bitter towards the Elders, and she dislikes most of them, especially since the majority has decided to ignore the problems in the human world. Scathach knows that the time of the Immortals has passed, and that it is the humani’s turn to rule the Shadowrealm known as Earth. She has chosen a side, and will not waver.

She is strong and ferocious, but has a fierce maternal instinct that sometimes flares up and overpowers her nearly gleeful love of violence. She never backs down from a fight, and would probably rather provoke one than avoid it. Scathach can become irrationally cruel, and takes pleasure in playing games with other beings, whether they are physical or mental. She teases, mocks, and riddles with the best of them, oftentimes contradicting herself without a second thought and not regretting it.

However, she is a naturally good creature. She defends humans, has fought for them whenever she could, even if not always by the most orthodox methods. She would never do anything to intentionally harm someone she saw as innocent. She does not pick physical fights with those she knows cannot defend themselves, as it is not honorable. That’s a big thing with her: honor. She would never do anything to intentionally tarnish her own or anyone else’s. When a warrior has nothing else, after all, they can still hold on to their honor.

Chosen WEAPON: Scathach will arrive with her trusty white nunchaku! Hand-made and fabulous, they are her favorite weapon. As she progresses in-game, the nunchaku will seem to know where they need to go, maybe magically and spontaneously extending an extra half inch or so to really drive the point home. Haha I make myself laugh.
Chosen SKILLSET: See, Scathach is built for heavy combat. The only problem is that it will take some convincing for her to ~involve herself~ in human affairs. So until that happens, she’ll probably be more of a mentor, instead training people to fight! She will also make weapons, if that’s a thing that can happen.

[the video opens upside-down. it is dark outside. someone with small hands is turning the tablet over in her hands, muttering to herself in what may sound like latin (because it is). after a moment she stops, flips the device right-side up, and it focuses on her round face. the girl looks to be in her late teens, with red hair and green eyes. freckles cover every inch of her that is visible. there are four two-inch long gashes on her forehead that look half-way healed, but she doesn’t seem to care about them at all. her attention is concentrated on the device.

she stares intently at the screen for a moment before rapidly saying hello in french, spanish, mandarin, japanese, russian, arabic, irish, swahili, and hungarian. at last she goes for english, and sticks with it; she has a slight irish accent.]

Hello. I assume the language here is English, but one can never be too sure. [yeah come on she’s just being practical. because one small girl just shoving all those languages in your face isn’t weird enough. anyway:] Interesting set-up here. Not sure I buy into it yet. [really she is just trying to milk you guys for information. she totally buys it. she can feel it in her bones that she’s in the wrong world.

she pauses, head cocked to the side as she listens. she is also casually trying to figure out how to work this device because technology. the following words are said quickly, clipped:]

If this works—I am looking for a woman named Joan. She has dark hair and grey eyes. Looks about twenty years old. [another pause. her nostrils flare as she inhales deeply. this is added almost as an afterthought.] And also a set of twins—their names are Sophie and Josh. They’re blonde, blue-eyed, just fifteen years old. They are all in danger, and I need to find them.

[abruptly, the arm holding the tablet drops to her side, and it isn’t turned off. she swears in what sounds like gaelic.]

This place stinks of rot. Joan... gods, I hope she doesn’t try to make friends with the wolves.

The first drops of rain had already started to spatter the ground when Scathach exited the café. She had been waiting over an hour for her contact, and he still hadn’t shown. She puffed out a cheek in annoyance, tapping the toe of her high-top, black combat boot on the concrete. The polite thing to do would be to wait, but that man had already stretched her patience thin and she wasn’t feeling very charitable at the moment.

Her gaze drifted to the sky, where the gray clouds of a storm had gathered during the day. She frowned slightly; the sudden change in weather was totally unexpected. A sigh of annoyance escaped her lips—she would, of course, be walking across the city to her apartment, simply because she couldn’t drive and there were no bus stops nearby. She made a mental note to maybe take one of her students’ advice and learn how to operate one of those blasted automobiles; even though it would destroy a little bit of the environment every time its too-loud engine roared to life, at least it would be faster and a bit more convenient than buses and her own two feet. She could have run home, of course, but there were still too many people on the City streets for her not to be noticed. She stood under the small awning just outside the restaurant’s door for another moment before stepping into the rain, which was falling at a progressively faster rate.

It wasn’t two minutes before she was soaked through; Scatty absolutely hated water, and rain was her least favorite form of the stuff. Her bright scarlet hair clung to her neck and face, and her plain white tank top was sticking to her too-skinny body. She knew she was on the receiving end of some odd looks, but paid no attention. Men and women could look all they liked, but she had little interest in humani like these. They weren’t fighters—they just existed. The vampire wrapped her arms around herself, trying to look as if she was procuring what little warmth she could. Extreme temperatures didn’t bother her, but she still had to blend in. A bolt of lightning cut the dark sky, and she turned her head upwards, something ancient and inhuman warping her face for just a moment. Less than a second later, a peal of thunder seemed to shake the earth, drawing a satisfied sigh from her throat. Uncle Odin was in a mood, clearly. She quickened her pace, her eyes methodically searching for some sort of haven from the biting wind and freezing water.

Shelter came in the form of an open doorway, the likes of which had probably not seen an actual door in nobody knew how long. She took it as an... open invitation. Stepping carefully into the refuge, she ran lithe fingers through her cropped hair, wrinkling her nose in disgust as water dripped down her head and pooled in the hollow of her collar bones. She shook her head rapidly, too fast for a human, and in just a few seconds her hair was dry, though the rest of her was still rather damp. Just as a good sized-puddle was forming on the ground beneath her leather boots, the immortal froze—a flash of movement had flickered across her vision from just behind a curtain hanging over another threshold in the abandoned house.

Striding silently forward, she perked her ears for the slightest bit of sound; even without the enhanced hearing of her clan, she could have heard the creaking of floorboards and scratching of tiny clawed feet, and smelled the stench of the creatures’ hunger and malice. There was no mistaking those scents. The redhead inhaled deeply, cataloguing the rats’ scent in her mind. This building was infested, and she was restless. A smirk made its way to her thin lips as she drew her short swords. Someone would thank her for this later.